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If you’re interested in watching or contributing to the progress of the Bazel migration, you can check out the project tracker on GitHub.

How can I build CockroachDB with Bazel?

Currently, only the buildshort target fully builds with Bazel. From the root of the cockroach repo, you can build CockroachDB with bazel build pkg/cmd/cockroach-short.

CI is failing because the Bazel build is broken. What do I do?


We use an open-source tool called Gazelle which automatically fixes up all the dependencies in the workspace for all our Go and protobuf code. You can run Gazelle with ./dev generate bazel. (bors will not let you merge unless this command can be run cleanly, so you may want to make running this a part of your normal workflow.) If Gazelle notices changes, this will result in updates to BUILD.bazel files in tree, or to the root-level WORKSPACE or DEPS.bzl files. Then, re-run the Bazel build to ensure this fixes the failure. Note that ./dev generate bazel --mirror is required when vendoring new dependencies.

Updating dependencies for protos