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The internal documentation that we do have lives in cockroachdb/cockroach/docs. At the time of writing, most of this documentation covers the high-level architecture of the system. Only a few documents hone in on specifics, and even those only cover the features that were found to cause significant developer frustration. For most first-party packages, you'll need to read the source for usage instructions.

Protip: If you prefer Go-generated HTML documentation to reading the source directly, take a look at

For our internal docs, I recommend the following reading order.


  • CR, "code review"

  • PR, "pull request"—you probably knew that one.

  • PTAL, "please take another look"

  • RFAL, "ready for another look"—as in, I made some changes, PTAL.

  • LGTM, "looks good to me"—i.e., ship it!

  • woman_scientistImage Modifieddog

    , "science dog"—i.e., I have no idea what this code does.

  • TF[YT]R, "thanks for your/the review"